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Papi Reads #1

Good Monday!   Yes, it is Monday, I know, it blows for me too. :) Anyhow, I found a couple cool books for you all to check out, so I thought I would share. Here we go. Seconds Before Sunrise by Syndicate friend Shannon A Thompson. She is a good one, do check it out! Minutes … Continue reading

Syndicate Business

Change Is Good…

Good evening my peeps! As I stated before, many changes will be happening to the Syndicate in the coming weeks. The beginning of which was my cleaning up the different pages, or tabs up top. You will notice that the Features page is missing, as for right now I will not be accepting anymore features … Continue reading


Voices of Nature Blog Tour

Originally posted on S.K. Nicholls:
Stars Above (alouette) Starry nights shine bright Thousands of wee lights Constellations light the sky Darkness shows contrast While clouds have gone past Suspended in time up high Pisces and Leo Taurus and Virgo Constellations light the sky Sagittarius Libra, Pegasus Worlds of tiny lights float by ©2014 Poetry…